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Click here to see what a Universe Day group in San Francisco did at a previous annual Universe Day. Just like "Earth Day" events, we encourage you to invent your own local awareness celebrations, gatherings, creative partnerships with organizations, educational events, and community events. We dare you to inspire outside-the-box on ways to promote awareness for  effectively reducing carbon emissions by using the new universe evolutionary perspective to create a more sustainable planet.

Please send us information about the local Universe Day events that you are creating at manage@universespirit.org and we will let others know about them. We will also be posting updates about our local San Francisco Universe day 2013 event in the Facebook window father down this page.


We may be the only questioners in the universe, the only ones who have come to understand the astonishing dynamics of cosmic evolution. If we are not, if there are others who Know, it is unlikely that we will ever encounter one another. We are also, whether we like it or not, the dominant species and the stewards of this planet. If we can revere how things are, and can find a way to express gratitude for our existence, then we should be able to figure out, with a great deal of hard work and goodwill, how to share the earth with one another and with other creatures, how to restore and preserve its elegance and grace, and how to commit ourselves to love and joy and laughter and hope.

— Ursula Goodenough

Rochelle Strider On Universe Day

Resolution of an Universe Citizen for Universe Day

Today I rejoice in this corporeal body on the boat body, on this body of water, on this planet body, revolving evolving in this Universe without body
A New Year is beginning!
Let my resolutions connect me to you, to me, to the planet, to the Universe.
Let me transform the judgments that polarize me into discernment's for creative problem solving.
Let me see the uniqueness of my part in the whole as I see yours and let me celebrate that uniqueness as the evolving being it is.
Let me remember that we are all part of the whole. As I honor the part I do so for the whole
Let me sing, let me dance, let me feel, think and create worthy words with the juice that is my humanness.
Let me be the Creative force that mirrors all creativity.
Rochelle Alicia Strider, December 31, 2011

Rochelle Alicia Strider, spiritual philosopher, performer, teacher and Universe Spirit minister. Rochelle has been a professional actor for over fifty years starting as a founding member of LaMama in New York City. As a participating member of the "Open Theater" she learned the improvisational skills she uses in her teachings. She appeared on Broadway and television before beginning her journey into using theater as a vehicle for expanding consciousness. To this end she co-founded "Strider Innertainment"* with her partner Errol Strider and has been teaching and performing all across the nation for over thirty five years. 
She is the author of "Acting With Love, The Power of Non-Resistance". *Strider Innertainment is a division of "Laughing Heart" of which she is the director of education, and is a member of the Board of Directors of Universe Spirit.