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Click here to see what a Universe Day group in San Francisco did at a previous annual Universe Day. Just like "Earth Day" events, we encourage you to invent your own local awareness celebrations, gatherings, creative partnerships with organizations, educational events, and community events. We dare you to inspire outside-the-box on ways to promote awareness for  effectively reducing carbon emissions by using the new universe evolutionary perspective to create a more sustainable planet.

Please send us information about the local Universe Day events that you are creating at and we will let others know about them. We will also be posting updates about our local San Francisco Universe day 2013 event in the Facebook window father down this page.


‘Tell me a story.’ How often as children did we ask this of those who cared for us? How exciting it has been in recent years to discover that the First Book is not a collection of disconnected scientific facts about a Universe that serves merely as a backdrop for our lives. Rather, it is a Story of a Universe that from within itself has unfolded stars and galaxies, mountains and oceans, plants and animals, you and me. The whole Cosmos is on a collective journey, and our individual journeys are part of that. It is a Story of the Universe that carries the meaning of what it means to be human, telling us where we are, where we come from, who we are, and what is expected of us. At our peril we ignore it. As a guide into our future, we relish it.

— John Surette

Preview Images from the Universe Day potluck on the Creative Spirit