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Click here to see what a Universe Day group in San Francisco did at a previous annual Universe Day. Just like "Earth Day" events, we encourage you to invent your own local awareness celebrations, gatherings, creative partnerships with organizations, educational events, and community events. We dare you to inspire outside-the-box on ways to promote awareness for  effectively reducing carbon emissions by using the new universe evolutionary perspective to create a more sustainable planet.

Please send us information about the local Universe Day events that you are creating at manage@joboneforhumanity.org and we will let others know about them. 


Having an adequate understanding of human nature means having a consilient (unified,) comprehension of nature and social systems.

— Loyal Rue

Universe Day 2013 and the Current State of Global Warming and Climate Destabilization

There are important reasons behind this year's primary message for Universe Day 2013 which is:

1.) We are all Planetry Citizens and Universe Citizens. As such, we have responsibilities and rights to the planet, humanity and their future that transcend our national citizenships.

2.) increasing awareness of the looming climate cliff, (which is crossing the global warming tipping points leading to irreversible or extinction-level climate destabilization.) Current escalating climate destabilization is the result of human-caused carbon pollution of our atmosphere by fossil fuels.

3.) dramatically reducing human-caused atmospheric carbon emissions on an emergency basis!

4.) encouraging people to stop using the terms global warming and climate change in their conversations and switch to the more accurate and useful terms of climate destabilization, irreversible climate destabilization, extinction-level climate destabilization or the looming climate cliff.

Here They Are...

The Current State of Global Climate Warming (climate destabilization and the climate cliff)

There is no other way to say it! We are not winning the climate change and global warming battle! Cataclysmic climate destabilization is already here and the remaining climate battle now --- is to try to avert an irreversible or a mass extinction-level of global climate destabilization! We are so close to going off the next climate cliff that some researchers feel we have already done so!

In spite of 30 years of warnings and education by the environmental movement and an increasing body of compelling scientific evidence now agreed to by 84% of the scientists qualified in climate science, carbon pollution of the atmosphere has not slowed or even leveled off. It has increased! To make things worse it has not increased in a gradual manner.

Informed climate scientists like James Hansen say that we would remain safe if carbon in the atmosphere did not go over 350 parts per million (ppm). As of May 9th 2013, carbon ppm crossed 400 ppm and was increasing at about 2 -3 ppm plus per year in a non-linear and accelerating geometric progression (imagine a rapidly rising and steepening carbon ppm graph curve.) If you include methane and other pollutants, the adjusted carbon ppm is more near 430 ppm currently.)

To put this in perspective from 1850 to about 1950 carbon pollution was steady at about a 1 ppm per year increase. From 1950 to 2000 it rose to 2 ppm per year and now it is exponentially rising rapidly towards 3 ppm per year in just a few more years. (If carbon continues to rise exponentially as it appears it will, some post 2025 predictions project carbon increasing to a possible additional 4 -7 ppm per year.)

Based on carbon ppm levels already in the system, this means that a two degree Celsius global temperature increase (4 degrees Fahrenheit,) is already an inescapable reality. It is also highly probable that because of our denial in facing the looming climate cliff and the danger of this problem as well as the physical time lags in in developing new technology to correct or diminish it (once we do pass enforceable international laws making large scale carbon pollution of the atmosphere a crime,) that carbon will also rise rapidly to carbon 550 ppm, which translates to a 3-4 degree Celsius increase (6-8 degrees Fahrenheit,) in global temperature. Making things even worse, new research indicates that for every degree of Celsius temperature increase global food production will drop 10% while the human population continues to soar toward 8 billion.

If climate destabilization proceeds to the levels currently being predicted, over time it will eventually cost the global society thousands of trillions of dollars in crisis recovery as well as soaring insurance rates, massive real estate depreciation and massive infra-structure losses --- not even taking into account the vast amount of human suffering and death. The Stern report estimated that the costs of catastrophic climate destabilization will grow to consume as much as 5% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP,) of every nation on earth --- and that is not even at climate destabilization's (CCD's) worse latter stages! Right now most of the nations on earth are struggling with over indebtedness and their economies are in trouble with anemic annual growth. How will they ever remain financially viable, stable or even in existence if another 5% or more of their total GDP is drained off each year into the continually escalating costs of climate destabilization?

Catastrophic climate destabilization is already here BIG TIME and it's storms, flooding, wildfires, heat waves and droughts will continue increasing in scale, severity and frequency. The real battle now lies in how to keep from going off the climate cliff and keeping climate destabilization from becoming irreversible or a humanity extinction level event where human-caused carbon pollution levels in the atmosphere pushes the global temperature increases to 5-6 degrees Celsius (8-12 degrees Fahrenheit,) and beyond...

Current efforts at establishing enforceable international laws for reversing climate destabilization have resulted in dismal failure. After many years and 18 major meetings the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is impotent and shows little hope as it is currently progressing to ever be able to deal with the critical path climate destabilization time lines and tipping points. Cap and Trade laws, which are not the right laws we need anyway,) have only been passed in one U.S. state (California,) and according to leading experts like James Hansen these fossil fuel industry lobbyist watered down ineffective laws will not save us from catastrophic and irreversible climate destabilization in time.

Current climate science on many of the critical climate tipping points is also incomplete and grossly underfunded. This is critical because unfortunately, no one can currently say with any accuracy at what point do we finally across the last tipping points of irreversible or extinction level catastrophic climate destabilization. No one can tell us what exact carbon pollution level or climate system tipping point action will do it or, if in fact we have already gone off that last climate cliff and crossed that final irreversible climate tipping point. (To see a must read to get up to speed list of most of the climate tipping point critical areas (including a 10 min video that graphically explains them, click here and go to the section half way down the page.

With it's many still unknown climate tipping points, this makes human-caused carbon pollution of the atmosphere the single most dangerous and potentially destructive blind experiment and looming natural disaster in all of human history.

The Likely Future

Human history has resoundingly demonstrated that people, businesses and nations do not normally make the kind of major and costly changes needed until "the pain of going forward is less than the pain of where they are." This implies that until the climate destabilization crisis becomes far, far worse than hurricane Sandy was, (which will cost the U.S. in excess of 100 billion dollars,) it is unlikely that much if any effective national or international climate stabilization actions will be taken --- and by that time, because of tipping points being crossed it could easily be too late to avert irreversible or extinction level climate destabilization. Unless there is a miracle, it is not likely that the world's politicians will do anything substantive until we start having regular climate destabilization mega-disasters each costing somewhere in the range of 1/2 trillion dollars.

This likely ongoing failure to act collectively with enforceable international laws also implies that we need to prepare for these worsening climate conditions now and then adapt after that to do whatever we can to survive and help lessen the effects of escalating climate destabilization. At this point you are probably wondering how soon will the worst of climate destabilization occur? You will have to read the tipping point research and other sections in the next link on this page and on this website to get our scientist's best guess possible ranges and a better understanding of the time and severity variables.

If you would like to learn more and know what you can personally do this Universe Day and throughout 2013 to help solve this catastrophic climate destabilization crisis effecting all of our mutual futures, check out the Job One for Humanity climate recovery program links on this website.