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Click here to see what a Universe Day group in San Francisco did at a previous annual Universe Day. Just like "Earth Day" events, we encourage you to invent your own local awareness celebrations, gatherings, creative partnerships with organizations, educational events, and community events. We dare you to inspire outside-the-box on ways to promote awareness for  effectively reducing carbon emissions by using the new universe evolutionary perspective to create a more sustainable planet.

Please send us information about the local Universe Day events that you are creating at and we will let others know about them. We will also be posting updates about our local San Francisco Universe day 2013 event in the Facebook window father down this page.


The new naturalism does a superior job of telling everybody’s story. It is more durable than metaphysical perspectives because it rejects claims to finality, and invites scrutiny and falsification. It gives us what is to date the most reliable and satisfying account of where we came from, what our nature is, and how we should live. What is new about the new naturalism is that the story has become more complete and coherent as scientists have recognized that the organization of matter, the organization of life, and the organization of consciousness are continuous phases of development within a singular evolutionary event. The new naturalism may not be everybody's story in the absolute and final sense, but it is far and away the closest anybody has come.

— Loyal Rue

Ken Wilber comments on Univser Day

Authors and Luminaries Comments on the Universe for the 3rd Annual Universe Day

Universe Day is a unique and utterly special celebration, where the universal Ground of Being itself, underlying and giving rise to all of manifestation, is celebrated, honored, and given thanks for.  Unlike parochial and specific-cultural celebrations of Spirit,

this is a celebration of cross-cultural and trans-individual Being itself, manifest so beautifully and exquisitely in the elegance, truth, goodness, and beauty of the entire universe itself and its extraordinary evolution, which is nothing less than Spirit-in-action.  Please come and join us in this wonderfully important and profound celebration, this coming December 31

-- Ken Wilber

Ken Wilber is the world's leading “integral” philosopher. The author of such titles as A Brief History of Everything (1996) and A Theory of Everything (2000), his philosophy integrates body, mind, soul, and Spirit with self, culture, and nature. Integral philosophy is rapidly becoming a powerful presence in fields as diverse as politics and spirituality, psychology and business, medicine, and art. Revered as the “Einstein of consciousness,” Wilber has written sixteen books exploring different facets of human development and cultural evolution.