The Annual Day of Universe Citizens and Evolutionaries

Total Fossil Fuel Carbon Pollution Damages will be Over 400 Trillion. And, if Arctic Methane Is Released, Add $60 Trillion

Remember Arctic methane? You know, the ecological time bomb lurking inside the polar region's thawing permafrost? Well, we now know how much the fallout will cost when and if this subterranean gas is ever released. $60,000,000,000,000. Yes. That is 60 Trillion US dollars!
But that is only a fraction of the total amount that economists estimate climate change will cost the planet by 2040. That carbon pollution cost number is $400 trillion.

Universe Day 2013 and the Current State of Global Warming and Climate Destabilization

There are important reasons behind this year's primary message for Universe Day 2013 which is:

1.) We are all Planetry Citizens and Universe Citizens. As such, we have responsibilities and rights to the planet, humanity and their future that transcend our national citizenships.

2.) increasing awareness of the looming climate cliff, (which is crossing the global warming tipping points leading to irreversible or extinction-level climate destabilization.) Current escalating climate destabilization is the result of human-caused carbon pollution of our atmosphere by fossil fuels.

A 50 Year Global Fossil Fuel Burning Transition and Moratorium by 2063 --- Maybe Future Generations Will Have A Decent Life Afte

Welcome to the necessary end of the fossil fuel era in 2063 with the widespread recognition and enforcement of a new moratorium on any future fossil fuel burning past that date. But why this proposed moratorium and deadline now?

Are there good practical reasons for it?

It does not do any good to set a moratorium for fossil fuel burning if that moratorium is realistically impossible to meet! Therefore setting the goal of no fossil fuel burning by 2063 anywhere on the planet (other than for military use or space exploration,) is both wise and practical.

Declaration of the First Planetary State of Emergency on Escalating Climate Destabilization

We the citizens of Earth are endowed with certain inalienable rights, powers and obligations. These rights, powers and obligations demand that we act both individually and in concert to protect and preserve the evolution of life on earth as well as the common well-being of current and future generations.

The Most Dangerous Climate Cliff Tipping Points of Catastrophic, Irreversible and Extinction-Level Climate Destabilization

Are our families, businesses and nations prepared to adapt to increasing climate destabilization already manifesting in weather extremes, growing economic losses and increasing food and resource shortages? If we ignore the current science, are we prepared for the increasing severe consequences as we march toward catastrophic and finally irreversible climate destabilization?

New Terms Climate Cliff, Catastrophic, Irreversible or Extinction-Level Climate Destablization Replacing Global Warming

More non-profit environmental groups, media, NGO's, corporations and governments are beginning to abandon the terms global warming and climate change for the new terms climate cliff, climate destabilization, catastrophic climate destabilization irreversible climate destabilization and extinction level climate destabilization. They are doing so for many reasons.

Nancy Abrams and Joel Primack Comment on New Universe Day

Authors and Luminaries Comments on the Universe for the 3rd Annual Universe Day

Celebrating New Universe Day 2012, Nancy Ellen Abrams and Joel R. Primack (

Our 13.7 billion year old universe was shaped by the instant at the beginning of the Big Bang called “cosmic inflation,” during which a quantum sized region grew exponentially, doubling in size again and again and again. The universe exploded by at least 30 orders of magnitude in that tiny fraction of a second to the size of a newborn baby, then abruptly changed at the Big Bang to much slower expansion. At the Big Bang the blueprint for the entire future evolution of our universe on large scales was already in place, created during that wild instant of cosmic inflation.

Rochelle Strider On Universe Day

Resolution of an Universe Citizen for Universe Day

Preview Images from the Universe Day potluck on the Creative Spirit

Barry Robbins On Universe Day

Authors and Luminaries Comments on the Universe for the 3rd Annual Universe Day

Ritual is important for us, as a means of celebrating life.  Universe Day is a special ritual which offers a Cosmic context for the celebration of all life and connection.
As we engage in conscious transformation, we move into the understanding that we are the Universe. We are the very dust and atoms of the Cosmos, consciously organized into miraculous bodies that allow our breathe to rise and fall, giving us life.  As we breath, so does the Universe expand and contract. Consider us to be a microcosm of the Universe.  We are a marvelous, intricate and fantastic evolutionary organism that is moving into it's next destiny, that of homo sapiens sentient.